Your Life in Poems Online Writing Classes


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Don’t leave your story untold! Too much family wisdom and history is lost from generation to generation. Bird Mejia is an Expert at teaching ANYONE how to write their life and family stories through poetry. It’s easier to compile your stories in poetic form than the daunting task of trying to write a memoir. Beginners embraced! It’s Never Too Late to Enjoy the Joyful, Healing, Life-affirming Art of Poetry so that you Can Empower Future Generations! Pass on Your Life Wisdom! Pass on Your Personal Stories! Pass on Your Family Stories!

Create a Legacy that Will Last Many Generations

Classes Vary per Month. Current Class listing at  Classes offered may include one of Bird’s many popular classes (one of Bird’s Master’s degrees is an MFA in Creative Writing and she has been teaching writing classes for years): Your Life in Poems, Haiku as a Way to Inner Peace, The Wonderful Awful Stories She Had to Tell, Wisdom of Great Women Poets, Rumi: Finding Your Own Life Wisdom, In Joy: Writing to Access Joy, Matters of the Heart, Wisdom & Inner Peace of Writing Nature with Mary Oliver as Your Guide, Lucille Clifton as Model Poet, Pablo Neruda & Federico Garcia Lorca as Model Poets, Sacred Poems, Persona Poems, Fun with Prose Poetry, Haiban (haiku with prose), Haiga (haiku with artwork or photos), & Poetry for the Truly Terrified (Beginning Poetry)