Pay What You Can Chakra Healing

Pay What You Can Chakra Healing
October 9 @4pm PST
Are you experiencing:
❤️Not Feeling Safe or Loved or Lovable
❤️Anxiety or Fear – Not Feeling Safe in the World
❤️Abandonment Issues
❤️Tough Emotions
❤️Addictions: to Drama, Toxic Relationships, Substances, Sex, Food
❤️Emotional Pain
❤️ Not Having Strong Boundaries – Not Being Able to Say NO
❤️Drama and Chaos in your relationships with family, friends or partner
❤️Feeling Overwhelmed by other people’s energy
❤️Overwhelming Sadness or Grief
❤️Not trusting your intuition
❤️Not Speaking Your Truth or Being who you Truly Are
❤️Not Feeling Worthy or Enough
❤️Broken or Toxic Relationships with Family, Friends or Partner
❤️Mother Issues or Father Issues
❤️Feeling Lost or Alone
❤️Not Feeling in Your Power
Your Chakras relate to EVERYTHING in your life!🌈👌🏾🌈Seriously!👌🏾Join me for Pay What You Can Chakra Healing October 9 @ 4pm PST.❤️🧡💛💚💙💜Receive expert coaching from me on WHATEVER is rising up for you.🙏🏾❤️🧡💛💚💙💜