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Bird’s 3- or 6-Month Personal Healing & Mentoring Journeys

Receive Bird’s expert one-on-one intuitive healing and teaching individualized for your needs. Available Virtual or In Person.

Bird's Group Journeys

Upcoming 3-Month Groups: Reclaim Your Joy! Journey the Medicine Wheel for Personal & Ancestral Healing AND The Way of the Medicine Woman. Available Online.

Helping You Reclaim Your Joy!

It’s Time to FREE Yourself from the Pain & Mediocre


Bird will individualize a 3- or 6-month Healing Journey Just for You! Options include Intuitive Life Coaching, Shamanic Energy Healing Sessions, Cord Cutting, Energy Clearing, Soul Retrievals, Chakra Healing, Shakti Naam Yoga sessions, Breathwork & Sound Meditation Instruction, Harmonyum Healing sessions, Shamanic Journeys, Reiki with Intuitive Messages, Oracle Card Readings,  Planetary Vibration Analysis, Relationship Vibration Analysis, Life Journaling, & Plant-Based Cooking. Journeys May Also Be Taken with a Mentoring Component.

ALL Journeys include  Bird’s 7-week Self-Study HEAL YOUR HEART Program, as Healing the Heart is central to all healing, is often the root of personal & ancestral trauma, & will help CONNECT YOU TO YOUR JOY! 

Shamanic Energy Medicine or Intuitive Healing Session

75-Minute Virtual or Live. (May Include Energy Clearing, Chakra Balancing, Cord Cutting, Extractions, Releasing Core Wounds from the Luminous Energy Field, Ancestral Trauma Work, Shamanic Journeying)

We are made of energy (scientists have proven this). Most of us have 2-3 core wound imprints in our LEF (luminous energy field). Traditional therapy doesn’t heal the LEF, and this is often why painful life patterns keep repeating. You also often take on the energy of those around you. 

Energy clearing includes an Illumination to release a core wound imprint in the LEF so you can release the old stories and patterns, a realignment of your chakras, and clearing the LEF of any negative energies or cords that do not serve you. 

Soul Retrieval

Most of us have aspects of our souls that have gone into hiding because of some kind of wound or trauma, in this life or in a past life. In this 2-hour session, Bird will journey for you to retrieve your lost soul part. She will also return with a gift and a spirit animal for you to integrate into your life.

In this 2-hour session with Bird (virtual via Zoom or in person), Bird will work on releasing one of your core wound imprints from your LEF and journey on your behalf to discover the wound that triggered your lost soul part to leave and the contract that was written because of the wound, and that no longer serves you. When Bird meets your lost soul part, she will discover if your lost soul part is ready to be reintegrated into your life, what conditions must be met in order to do so, and what messages your lost soul part has for you.

Heart Healing

The 7-Week Online Heal Your Heart Program includes 7 week-by-week Modules and 9 hours of video lessons that you will have access to for a lifetime. Each Module includes 2 or 3 recorded workshop with me, with visuals and learning opportunities. You will also receive a pdf of each Module, with To Do action steps to assist you in your process of healing your heart. Includes These Bonuses: Heal Your Heart Meditation. Letting Go Bonus Meditation, Energy Vampire Bonus Module, Healing Your Chakras Bonus Module, Twin Flame Bonus Module. Access the Power of Your Heart to Discover the Secret of True Love and Abundance in ALL forms.

Sound Meditation & Breathwork Instruction

Bird is trained in sound meditation and breathwork as a Shakti Naam Yogi, and it is the practice that transformed her life. Sound meditation is using mantra (looks like chanting), mudras (yoga hand poses) and breathwork to center and align yourself. Benefits are MANY and include stress reduction, changing subconscious patterns, calming anger and anxiety, helping emotions, alleviating fear, calming the mind, healing the body/mind/spirit. This will be a private session with you where Bird will teach you simple, effective sound meditation and breathwork practices that you can use EVERY day. These practices will help you SO much!


“From day one I felt loved, nurtured, heard and seen by Bird. Her healing powers go far past her words and energy. Bird brought me a sense of peace and calm in the most hectic of times. I was suffering from anxiety and depression. I was drowning myself in work and projects to avoid dealing with any of my issues. I knew I was on a path that would never bring me happiness. Bird challenged me mentally, emotionally and spiritually to break old patterns and embrace joy and love. Her energy and wisdom is a reflection of the work she has
done herself. She will give you techniques and tools to use throughout your life. Her ability to share her experiences in a healing way saved my life. I didn’t even realize how sick I was until I began to heal. If you want joy, love, health and happiness in your life, but don’t know how to begin the journey, Bird is the healer for you.”

“Working with Bird was an unforgettable and life-changing experience. When I first began my shamanic healing and mentoring journey with Bird, I was deeply stuck in my patterns, grief, heartbreak, and traumas. Bird supported me and taught me tools that have allowed me to find my joy and my peace. My personal one on one retreat in Sedona, AZ with Bird facilitated the integration of everything I learned over our journey, and I am completely transformed for the better. I am forever grateful. Thank you Bird! I am SOUL glad I listened to Spirit and committed to doing this work.
– Gabby

“I lived in cycles of failure for 12 years, thinking that was my only path and l had to conform with the life l was experiencing…. l met Bird when l was at the very bottom and there was no more depth to fall for l had reached the Rock bottom…. Bird has this particular way of understanding and recognizing our deepest hurts and flaws and pains that have to be treated from the roots. I was completely lost and helpless and she was the blessing appearing at that moment in my life, so l took the chance and signed up for her program. I can’t believe how things started to change to my favor and happiness started to show up at my door. . . l know you might be reaching that rock bottom as well and are looking for help probably different than the countless visits to a doctor’s office who only prescribes medicines to hide your pain or countless visits to psychologists that never end. The work you will be doing with Bird is way deeper than that and the results you will get from her program will not only affect you positively but will affect those around you as well. I totally recommend Bird Mejia’s program to everyone looking for the light at the end of the tunnel. THERE IS LIGHT OUT THERE WAITING FOR YOU…few small changes, and your dragging self will rise as a BIRD!!! So grateful l am, thank you GOD for leading me to Bird’s guidance! Thank you.”
– Claudia

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