Heal Your Heart

Module 1 Nothing is Truly Lost and Love Never Dies
Lesson 1 Soul Relationships
Lesson 2 Energy of the Heart
Lesson 3 Heart Techniques
Lesson 4 Special Bonus: Twin Flames
Module 2 The Roots are Your Foundation
Lesson 1 Subconscious Patterns
Lesson 2 You Are the Foundation
Lesson 3 Techniques to Build Love
Lesson 4 Special Bonus: Energy Vampires
Lesson 5 Special Bonus: Heal Your Heart Meditation
Module 3 Healing Vibrations
Lesson 1 Healing Vibrations
Lesson 2 Techniques for Raising Your Vibes
Lesson 3 How to Protect Your Energy
Lesson 4 Special Bonus: Healing Your Chakras
Module 4 The Waters are Healing
Lesson 1 Emotions Are Healing
Lesson 2 Techniques for Healing Emotions
Module 5 Go up the Mountain Alone
Lesson 1 Go Up the Mountain Alone
Lesson 2 Techniques to Get Up That Mountain
Module 6 Drop Your Weight as You Go Along
Lesson 1 Drop Your Weight (Letting Go)
Lesson 2 Techniques for Letting Go
Lesson 3 Special Bonus: Letting Go Meditation
Module 7 Become Your Whole, Powerful Self!
Lesson 1 Become Your Whole Powerful Self
Lesson 2 Techniques for Becoming Your Whole Powerful Self
Lesson 3 Follow Your Heart's Calling
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