Heal Your Heart

The Only Thing Holding You Back
from The Life & Love You Desire
Is Your Heart!

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Broken or Blocked Heart?
Time to Heal it!

Healing Your Heart allows you to attain true love, live to your highest potential and create the life of your dreams. It frees you from living with lifelong wounds and repeating the same painful patterns. . . over and over again.

Only 5% of people actually live from the heart. The rest of us are dealing with past wounds and patterns that keep us from having true love and joy.

But healing the past and living from the heart is your power center. It is the magical key to unlocking the life and love you have always desired.

I created this program because I have been there. I got tired of my heart always being broken. I got tired of repeating the same old painful patterns over and over again. I knew life had more to offer. 

I invite you to journey with me on this 7-Week Online Adventure. Because life is for living. Life is for experiencing true love and joy.

The only thing that is holding you back from the love you desire is your heart!

Module 1: Nothing is Truly Lost and Love Never Dies

You are an energetic being, and when you love someone there is a heart chord to them. They become a part of your aura. When they leave your life, this vibration remains.

- Discover how the energy of your heart works, how it affects your life and how this relates to all the people you have ever loved. Learn about the different types of soul relationships.

Part 1- Soul Relationships; Part 2- Energy of the Heart; Part 3- Heart Techniques

Module 2: The Roots are Your Foundation

For many of us, the first experience of loss happened when we were children. It could have been a parent who was unable to love you the way you needed to be loved, a death, abuse, neglect, or negative childhood experiences. The things that happened to you the first eight years of your life shapes your subconscious patterns. The subconscious patterns then rule your life- until you take action to rule them.

- Learn how to change your subconscious patterns so you are free to be your true self and live in joy instead of pain, and discover techniques to build love.
Part 1- Subconscious Patterns; Part 2- You Are the Foundation; Part 3- Techniques to Build Love

Module 3: Healing Vibrations

Your vibration is everything. All of us have vibrations, or auras, around us. Like vibrations attract like vibrations. They are like magnets. As you raise your vibrations, you attract people and situations on a higher frequency. This means you leave behind people who drain you, who don’t energize, empower or uplift you. It means you attract people whose vibrations empower and serve you. 

- Learn about vibrations, how they affect you and your life, energy & sex, and how to raise your vibration to attract the people and life you want. Learn ways to protect your energy.
Part 1- Healing Vibrations; Part 2- Techniques for Raising Vibes; Part 3- How to Protect Your Energy

Module 4: The Waters are Healing

It’s called a broken heart because it hurts. There is no way around it. Whether it is caused from a break up, betrayal, divorce, or death, the pain of losing someone you love can be excruciating. You must allow the waters of your emotions to flow through you – so you can be free.

- Learn about the power & science of emotions and how they are magical gauges meant to help us heal
Part 1- Emotions Are Healing; Part 2- Techniques for Healing Emotions

Module 5: Go up the Mountain Alone

Healing your heart is like going on a spiritual journey up a mountain alone. You must learn to climb the mountain in order to heal. And you must do it by yourself. There is no other way. In fact, it’s the magical way, and it brings great gifts.

- Harness the great power of traveling your own mountain – a power that will transform you and your life forever
Part 1- Go Up the Mountain Alone; Part 2- Techniques to Get Up That Mountain

Module 6: Drop Your Weight as You Go Along

One of the hardest parts about a broken heart is that someone you love is no longer with you the way they were before. You miss them. If you learn how to have a room in your heart, you can drop the weight of the longing and attachment as you make your way up your spiritual mountain of healing. 

- Learn about the power and freedom of letting go
Part 1- Drop Your Weight (Letting Go); Part 2- Techniques for Letting Go

Module 7: Become Your Whole, Powerful Self!

There are few things as important as becoming whole. When you are whole, you can be truly joyful from the inside out. When you are whole, you find your true power.

- Begin the process of walking the road to your whole, powerful self – so that you can become all that you can be & discover your true gifts to yourself and to the world! Learn about the magic and power of following your bliss
Part 1- Become Your Whole Powerful Self; Part 2- Techniques for Becoming Your Whole Powerful Self; Part 3- Follow Your Heart’s Calling

This Is Not Just an Investment in Your Heart. This Is A Lifelong Investment in You and Your Life!

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Is the One You Love Your Twin Flame? How to Heal from Twin Flame Separation

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Is the One You Love an Energy Vampire? How to Heal from Energy Vampires

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Understanding & Healing Your Chakras (So You Can Give Live from Your Power Center – Your Heart)

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Heal Your Heart Meditation

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Letting Go Meditation

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